Why do we need to Believe in the Bible?

The objective of 1 on 1 evangelism to let them know we all need to have the step of faith.
Would you believe that Jesus is more of a good moral believer?
How could a God of love sent person to suffering, do you believe to in going to heaven?

As a christian we must be ready to answer this but do not answer right away, work round about on how you will answer, how do you know the Bible?

This book is the amazing book in the entire world, it was the Holy Spirit who guided the people who translated the scriptures, I know the Bible is true because I have experience I needed. The Bible promise to give me peacefulness and filled my doubts, and experience love for others, confirmed by science - they don't contradict each other, far before the heaven the stars are uncountable, the science confirmed no scientist can count the stars even if they invented the most highest technology, all matters are made by invisible energy.

I believe the science because it confirms by the Bible. It tells about God, it was confirm by archeology discovered, the Bible is true because it's the one book that predict the future - all the events happened right now are predicted by the Bible, the final battle is around Middle East and Jerusalem one half already taken place therefore, the other half is yet to happen. Read the Bible. Have the step of faith that we should take.

Nice Christian Life Experiences, Obey HIS Words from James 1:17-27



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