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"Be Devoted to God/good" from Titus 3:8

Being in right/correct order is to Be Devoted to God for example if you were to drive a car the correct order is to start the car and drive but if you drive without starting the car you will not get anywhere it will not work… “Be Devoted to Go(o)d” Titus 3:8 The right order would be God comes first all the time then good works will follow then we are save by grace not by good deeds. God doesn’t bless us by doing good deeds but by what’s in our faith and character. After receiving God’s grace we have the decision to make if we continually do good deeds like think about others, make an effort how we can channel the blessings to others. Remember without God we wouldn’t have anything. Read Psalm 16:2 And John 15:5 => Genuine faith has evidence. Believing and trusting in Christ. It is more blessing to give than to receive. Allow God to use you to be a blessing with someone else. Allow yourself to be use by God. Read 1 Corinthians 3:11 It shows whatever deeds we have is tested not t

"Don't Doubt" from 1 Samuel 27

Last night was the midweek Bible study in Calvary Chapel, the teachings was really in time for my situation not only in office but also in my faith. “Do not Doubt” 1 Samuel 27 Pastor Ken told us the story of a person with no glamorous clothes, buying 16 cars... This person goes in one car dealer shop when the sales man look at his physical appearance, the sales man doubt that this man could buy 16 cars.. and so he said “I really don't know if I can sell 16 cars right away how about going to the next car dealer shop?” and so he went to the next shop, and he was given 16 cars right away since it was paid in cash he was also given a big discount... the man who bought the cars was a fisherman, and all of them fishermen that had a big catch and savings that they decided to buy cars at the same time so to have big discount. The moral lesson of the story is that if we have doubts good chance of a lifetime can be missed. That was a very nice story about Doubt told us by Pastor Ken. Now

"Work for your Salvation" from Titus 3:1

"Work for your salvation" Titus 3:1 Pastor Ken told us the story of baking a cake, we have to mix the right ingredients to make a perfect cake else it will not be like we wanted it to be... Surrender our will, our future to god and submit to God's control, give the control to Jesus/God. We can not be save by being obedient, go to the church every Sunday but to come to the Lord our God by faith and by mercy of Jesus Ready to do whatever is good (read Ep 2:9) Act and talk like Christians means we have to be concern of others. Every step we make, our relationship is a process with the Lord, ask to yourself where are you today with your relationship with the Lord? for example, a month ago you use to go to the church and practice good deeds but where are you now?... To slander no one, not to listen to any slander it is also participating with that sin. To truly love our neighbor is to watch themselves, we should live at peace to all men, even if they attack you, be NOT to hav

"Be wise Not Foolish" from Samuel 25

November 5, 2008: “Be Wise Not Foolish” Samuel 25 When I went to the midweek Bible study I was surprise to see all the Christmas decorations in our Calvary Chapel in Obrero. (^_^) The teachings for that day was “Be Wise Not Fools” For example it is fool to live for temporary things And wisdom of this world is foolish to God but the wisdom of the Bible is eternal in short we should study the Bible and learn, so we can be wise to live for God. Living to please God we are to find joy, peace and satisfaction in life. How foolish are we to won something when everything belongs to God? Being wise is to use the blessing for spiritual development Learn to give wisely to others. Quick to listen and slow to speak NOT to give in to anger, and not to give in to emotions. (nako ang hirap nitong gawain minsan) It is wise to be humble than to be proud. Overlook each other faults, don’t be guilty of having revenge. Ask God for wisdom in decisions and choices we make. ~~~

Don't Judge

A message from Pastor Ken Pascua: Salamat ginoo sa imong pulong salamat ginoo sa imong gracia Lord tabangi kami kasabot imong pulong Lord give us wisdom give us understanding help us Lord not just to understand with our mind but with our heart . . . Guide us in your truth tonight Lord in Jesus name Amen. There is a saying “ don’t judge the book by its cover” you don’t know what’s on the inside of the book, I know a some book where you looked the book and you open it up, when you looked inside its empty there is nothing inside its where you put your valuables inside the book so you don’t know what’s in the book and you see this book its about the title but it’s not so we can’t judge the book by its cover. I remember once my cousin told me a story about this when he was playing basketball in high school and they are about to choose who’s the player and there was one player he was short and “and I don’t want him in my team, you can’t play with the big boys,” this short basketball play

"Be Teachable" from Titus 2:1-8

"Be Teachable" Titus 2:1-8 The words written here are my notes for November 2, 2008 Bible study. As the title shows "Be Teachable" means teach ourselves in walk in God's grace. . . We know God's grace tru Bible example in reading Psalm 119:9 We must learn the basic salvation by grace. Learn to also give grace to others if they did you wrong. For if you can't give grace, do you deserve grace from God? Wisdom is learned tru age as we grow old, anything in this world must be moderate we must be careful read 1 Peter 5:8 God must be #1 we must continue to be trained, be worthy of respect, honorable in character and elder people must be respected, read Lev 19:32. Have self control, be in control of your self. Example are relationship we know is wrong i.e. lesbian and gay or the 1960 relationship. Also bad hobbies, too much drinking that you satisfied yourselve for being drunk that just drinking moderately. Smoking which we all know is bad for health. . . Contr