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"Seek God First" from 2 Samuel 4

Let me share a little about my life...

I was born physically normal, for some reason it started at the age of 5, I couldn't walk properly and my left foot keeps on hurting, I had a biopsy at Makati Medical Center the result were due to nerves abnormality...
To cut it short, I stopped school at the age of 11 that was grade-5 and it was around that age for the confirmation in Catholic, but I wasn't able to attend...

Ever since I stopped school "isolation" was my friend, always at home and suffering from health problems due to my left foot is getting worse and worse it affected my life sociability...
I was hopeless physically but never mentally, my dad encourage me to develop my intellectual capabilities, he taught me some computer troubleshooting and DOS programming language... and I read my brother school books... I have faith that someday, somehow I will finish my studies have a normal life...
but that time I was physically imprisoned, at home for 10 years continuously …

"Be Spiritually Mature" from Hebrews 5

How do we become spiritually mature?

This has been my question in my mind these days, and luckily our Sunday Bible study talks about the same topic in my mind. (^_^)

Here are my notes:

The priest would be appointed to access to God but Jesus is the only "high priest" => "our representative" to have direct fellowship with God and no other persons like priest or pastor to some people depends; to go to Church and did not depend on Jesus alone...

Never trust in your own for God's grace just realize your failing and be humble to God, we need to come to Jesus recognize him as our savior.

If you don't have a humble heart then there's NO repentance.

Don't doubt that you're child of God.

Doubt is the opposite of faith and believing.

If we want to mature spiritually go to the Son => Jesus, he is the way to God. Keep your eyes to God and he will bring good plans.

I was thinking for the past days when will the one persons whom I be with for the rest of my life…

"Grow with the Lord" from 2 Samuel 3:1-38

A true Christian can never say we are grown enough no matter how long you have been studying the Bible, we may keep on stumbling and fall but we must continue to confess our sins and try not to do it all over again, continue to Grow with the Lord.

We should not wish to run over money but gain more spiritual blessings. Never think of yourself above others but only Jesus is above the rest.

If we want to know what God's will and plan, give up/surrender to the Lord put your trust in Jesus, walk by faith.

To grow with the Lord we must repent.
Repentance => required for spiritual growth and forgive to live at peace.

Right priority; Lord first sharing our faith with others.

If you don't evangelize, you fossilize.

If you can't love your neighbor that you do see, how can you love God that you don't see.

For evil to prevail all it takes is for righteous to be silent.

Look out for each other not yourself for God will watch over you. Defend other and God will defend you.


“God Sees All” from Hebrews 4:12

January 18, 2009
God Sees All and reveal our hearts. Read 2 Timoty 3:16 and Romans 1:16

We are all sinners even if we hide our mistakes God Sees All; we are all can be saved.
Jeremiah 23:29 = don’t worry about tomorrow =>will worry itself.

Sometimes we are overwhelm with problems and we forget how bit our God.
Read Isaiah 55:11 and Isaiah 11:4

Do not let others know what you have given should never be boast about, let God only knows, he knows what we thinks. God knows our every evil thought.

If a thought comes in our mind, it’s not a sin but only a thought, but if we continue to entertain and thinks about an evil thought then it is a sin.

The Bible will keep you from sin but the sin will keep you from the Bible.

Stay in God’s word to keep you away from polluted world.
Hebrews 4:13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sights.

God Sees All

When people do sins it’s always in the dark. They sin in the dark trying to hide their faces thinking God wouldn’t know.

We should have comforting t…

"Fight the Battle" from 2 Samuel 2

January 14, 2009

How many of us after the hard victorious battle we like to do nothing and rest?

It’s during the rest the devil attack and we must continue to Fight the Battle.

If we have victory after physical hardship or trials we should ask for the Lord.
Never rely on past success and decisions we tool doing the same thing the same way. Ask the lord “do you have something new/directions for me?”

Like David when Saul died he was anointed as next king but instead of having a parade or ceremony he prayed and asked God’s plans.

When we have rest from the outside battle be careful on the attack from the inside.

1 Samuel 14:50 = Abner = Saul General is his uncle.

We have to love one another, do not judge, let God separate the unbeliever.

Our weapons are not physical but spiritual weapons which is prayers and Word of God. Be ready what God tells us to do. Fight the Battle wisely, If we act against anger we will not get anywhere.

Other people are not our enemy they are tools of God to test us.


"Rest in God" from Hebrews 4:1-11

January 11, 2009
The study for today was about how are we to rest in God.
Picture this: A baby resting in mother bosom.
This is how we are supposed to be rest in God. Peacefully giving our self in God.
There are 3,810 promises of God which is through Jesus Christ, the word in this world will change but God’s word will remain.

Promise = something will be done.

Let us be careful that none of us will fall short. Do not have rocky faith, thou we may struggles but with faith we can do anything.

The Israelite didn’t go to promise land right away because they always complain and didn’t believe God’s word right away. The word of God are being repeated so that we will remember.

Faith is complete trust (just like the baby in mother’s bosom) and believe in God.

Only God can see the faith in our hearts.
The rest is peace in God. Read 1 Corinthians 6.

Today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart. We should not have doubts and trust in Jesus not to worry rest in God and he will provide and give you r…

"Have a Soft Heart" from Hebrews 3:7-19

Happy New Year everyone (^_^)
My first post for the year 2009!!!

"Have a Soft Heart" from Hebrews 3:7-19

An example of why we need to have a soft heart:
Water is a substance that can be soft, in which at room temperature (tama-tama lang between hot and cold) water in the swimming pool is very good to swim at even if you jump in the pool you won't be hurt because water is soft... but if the water is hard as in frozen (too much coldness) in the pool with thick ice, when we jump we might get hurt and couldn't swim in it...

And so the message of God in the Bible is the same but it is the heart that determines if we accept it or not, if we have a hard or soft heart. Because of disbelief we will have a hard heart, we would complain and worry about the future and money but if we only believe in Lord God's promise we don't need to worry just let God work within us and have a soft heart.

Read Proverbs 28:14.

God will never forsake us, let him control our life. The danger is …