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"I'm a sinner" from 2 Samuel 8

In an alcohol rehab, a person introduces themselves as "my name is ____ and I'm an alcoholic"... same as being a sinner not "I was a sinner" but "I'm a sinner", we must realize we are all sinner saved by grace we need to over throw our need of flesh and fight the sinful nature that satan brings our way... Jesus did get over come satan and so we must rely on Jesus never say "I'm in control" and we can overcome it ourselves. Imagine this, can we go on a day without sin? being perfect no evil thoughts or white lies. Put on Jesus Christ and don't have or let satan take over, start everyday with prayers. You can't play with fire and not get burn, saying "little sin, little lies" it will only take little by little to finally realize it gets bigger and before we knew it you fall in the trap of satan. Would you eat a very little virus (example bird flu) to compromise your health? Read Ep 4:22-24 means put off sinful nature a

"Jesus Ministry is Superior" from Hebrews 8

Before serving others allow Jesus to be the minister in our Heart and Mind, let the Holy Spirit work in you. . Allow Jesus be our high priest and let Him minister to us. Remember the story of Martha who was working so hard and Mary was just sitting around Jesus to hear His words, Martha even ask Jesus to let Mary help her with the chores but Jesus said why are you so worried? Run to Jesus instead of running to people. Don't get too much worrying and running to every where but getting nowhere. Let Jesus mold and shape you. Don't be like Martha or another example is the chicken that has just cut its head it will keep on running without the head but gets nowhere and died in the end. Never detach ourselves to Jesus. Ephesians 5:2 means first experience God's Love and let that love flows to give to others. our ability for christian life comes from God, receive it and give to others. Make sure your relationship to God is NOT rituals or earning favor from God, it is always done o

"You Don't Deserve Grace" from 2 Samuel 7

Receiving grace is freely and not to complain. Is there anything to do for God to give us more grace? The answer is no. Its not what you do or memorize Bible verses... would these what God wants us to do? Ask and pray for it. Check our heart and motives; Nobody can see it except the Lord. We have to be careful make sure you are doing from love and faith and not earning from God. We all are sinners saved by grace, we can't look at all our achievements and awards. Remember where we came from. Let God lead us and guide us in life never say I'm going to do what I want to do. God is going to lead us where it is good for us. Not that there be anymore trials and problems but those problems is going to mold us to lead us for better life. God give us grace we don't deserve. And given us free will to accept or deny God's grace. We just can't doubt and say later to believe God's grace. At 2 Samuel 7:12 is God's promise to David. We all deserve punishment. Can you imagi

"Jesus is the Best" from Hebrews 7

Our nation as democracy politics in our country thinking more about themselves the President is the representative. In our Christian life is theocracy let God rule our life and Jesus as our representative. Melchizedek = is the appearance of Jesus in the old testament. Jesus is the best high priest he can give us everlasting peace the reality is that there is no peace without Jesus. In the old testament a High Priest must be in tribe of Levi. There's no way to God the Father except to God the Son. Jesus said "I am the way to the truth and life there's no other way except tru me". Some other religion says there are many Gods but Christianity says there's one God and no other God. Jesus is perfect, had no sin and can save us from sin. This year was the 200 years anniversary of Charles Darwin one who created evolution but God created everything because if evolution was true...Then half man and ape would exist or if a whale became cow then there will be no more whale

Different Battle Same Lord

From 2 Samuel 5 Different Battle Same Lord An example of a battle would be in playing the basketball, in the first two quarters a team may not win but in the fourth quarter they are leading then the players would be rejoicing but on the last 3 seconds the other team would have a 3points shot and they won the battle. When we are victorious that is when we need to guard even more. In Christian life we should never celebrate right away, it's only through Holy Spirit and Power of God that we can be victorious in Life. John 10:11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. We need the Holy Spirit's power everyday to fulfill great things in life... Don't trust in your own acknowledge but trust only in God and Jesus; There's no issue or problem too big for God to solve. Jesus is the King of our life. Never pray “Lord don't leave or forsake me” but instead Thank him for not forsaking and leaving you. When we are victorious that is when we need

"Move Ahead" from Hebrews 6:1-12

As Christian we need to keep in mind our training and then go on to maturity. . . We need to know what we believe and stick to it to know this basics in elementary truth, we use what we learn. Move ahead and not laying again the foundation and continue to believe Jesus is the savior. Read Corinthians 3:11 Repentance is a part of understanding in our faith. Repentance change our heart living to please God and not other persons. The difference between good day and bad day is your attitude. Right attitude in life. Who am I living for? Is it the Lord or myself? Faith in God => Mental understanding and saving faith; receive him not only mentally but through your heart, the one God revealed in three entities => The Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. Baptism => is to repent, believe and acknowledge that we received Jesus in our heart and it’s not for salvation because salvation is a free Gift through our faith. Salvation is a process in life. Move ahead and don’t fall away from