"Be Concerned to Everyone" from 2 Samuel 18

May 6, was the first Wednesday of the month, we are having our communion, we studied Luke 23:32-49.

Communion is not a ritual but it's a true fellowship acknowledging Jesus as our savior, the evidence of our faith is our fellowship. ~Pastor Edging

Now from our mid-week Bible study, we are in the Old Testament 2 Samuel 18, we greet each other with "Be Concerned to Everyone"
Being concerned individually, for example if we hear an ambulance we became so insensitive and just ignore it, we don't care, but we could pray for those who are in that situation who needs help. We need to be concern with our immediate family because they are our first ministry.

13 Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.

To show concern we also need to "respect", respect the authority and respect for others.

As child of God we all have consequences of our deeds.

Remember our family, their salvation, and pray for them.

Nice Christian Life Experiences, Be Concerned to Everyone from 2 Samuel 18



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