"I'm Blessed" Psalm 32

I was so speechless tonight. Very surprise to see Ptr. Ken Pascua and his entire family back in Davao. Still can't believe they are here for the last time before going to the USA for good.

Here are my notes for tonight teaching:

The only blessing we can ever have is the forgiveness of sins and God received us in His kingdom.

What is the difference between transgression and sin?
Transgressions - you know it's bad but you did it anyway.
Sins - you miss the mark.

When we confess, God will forgive us. Many people got crazy because they know they are guilty. They punish themselves because they thought that all that guilt and shame will be forgiven but forgiveness is only through Jesus Christ.

We do sin specifically against God. And we should ask for repentance specifically to God. If we try to cover our sins what will happen?

If we kept silent of our sins how can God forgive us?
Repent quickly. Every day we need to trust in God's grace moment by moment.

The problem is that we keep on telling ourselves to confess later. Some people wait and wait till thier heart got hard. But the true children of God doesn't got by without being caught.

Who paid of all our sins?
Jesus Christ.

Ressurection - is the receipt.

Discipline is God calling us back to get our attention to come come back to Him.

Acknowledge our sins and God will forgive us.
God will discipline His child. You wouldn't discipline anybody who is not your child either, don't you?

Never cover your sin if you do you will not be forgiven. You can't hide your sin, the Lord will expose it. So be sure to confess it before you're put in the highlights.

God is patience and giving opportunity to everyone. He is our hiding place. So never listen if satan will come to you and say "it's ok you can do that and repent later."

Who is our counselor?
The Holy Spirit, will counsel us. Our conscience to teach and instruct us. To keep us in the right tract.

God doesn't want to hurt you so listen to the Holy Spirit.

Repent now and do it today. If we are forgiven then we are blessed.

Nice Christian Life Experiences ~~~


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