"Keep Up the Good Work" from 2 Kings 12

If you are aiming for a higher position then you must keep up the good work. This is the same with our relationship with the Lord, He wants us to finish the race.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
We need to please God with our own body like avoiding sexual immorality, and other things that can damage our body for example drugs, cigarettes, too much alcohol, etc.

Whether if your working in the ministry, office or at home, we need to please God and do everything in the glory of God. Complete honesty is required and be sincere with our work - work for God and not for people.

The best way to express your love is spend your time. Spend time with God.

Sometimes we are so relax and we don't have to sweat Spiritualy.

Trust In the Lord with all your heart
Act with full confidence and be

God gives the power and we should serve Him the glory.

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