"You Don't Deserve Grace" from 2 Samuel 7

Receiving grace is freely and not to complain.

Is there anything to do for God to give us more grace?
The answer is no. Its not what you do or memorize Bible verses... would these what God wants us to do?
Ask and pray for it. Check our heart and motives; Nobody can see it except the Lord. We have to be careful make sure you are doing from love and faith and not earning from God.

We all are sinners saved by grace, we can't look at all our achievements and awards. Remember where we came from. Let God lead us and guide us in life never say I'm going to do what I want to do.

God is going to lead us where it is good for us. Not that there be anymore trials and problems but those problems is going to mold us to lead us for better life. God give us grace we don't deserve. And given us free will to accept or deny God's grace.

We just can't doubt and say later to believe God's grace. At 2 Samuel 7:12 is God's promise to David.

We all deserve punishment.
Can you imagine yourself sacrificing your life for a criminal? For a criminal to be save you must sacrifice your own life, can you do that? That is what Christ did for us.

We experience God's grace by reading his word and following it. There is a big difference between Law and Love.
Law is I have to do it.
Love is I like doing it.

Nobody deserve heaven but that is what we will get to receive God's grace. Don't ever take any credit but point it to the Lord. It's all for the glory of God. God is in control of universe. Thank him and praise for HIM to show our appreciation, as we don't deserve God's Grace

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