Different Battle Same Lord

From 2 Samuel 5 Different Battle Same Lord
An example of a battle would be in playing the basketball, in the first two quarters a team may not win but in the fourth quarter they are leading then the players would be rejoicing but on the last 3 seconds the other team would have a 3points shot and they won the battle.

When we are victorious that is when we need to guard even more.

In Christian life we should never celebrate right away, it's only through Holy Spirit and Power of God that we can be victorious in Life.

John 10:11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

We need the Holy Spirit's power everyday to fulfill great things in life...
Don't trust in your own acknowledge but trust only in God and Jesus; There's no issue or problem too big for God to solve. Jesus is the King of our life.

Never pray “Lord don't leave or forsake me” but instead Thank him for not forsaking and leaving you.

When we are victorious that is when we need to guard even more to the next battle, our struggle may not always have the same solution but we have the same God and He gave us fresh directions always if we only ask him for it.

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