"Work for your Salvation" from Titus 3:1

work for your salvation
"Work for your salvation" Titus 3:1
Pastor Ken told us the story of baking a cake, we have to mix the right ingredients to make a perfect cake else it will not be like we wanted it to be...

Surrender our will, our future to god and submit to God's control, give the control to Jesus/God.
We can not be save by being obedient, go to the church every Sunday but to come to the Lord our God by faith and by mercy of Jesus

Ready to do whatever is good (read Ep 2:9)

Act and talk like Christians means we have to be concern of others.

Every step we make, our relationship is a process with the Lord, ask to yourself where are you today with your relationship with the Lord?
for example, a month ago you use to go to the church and practice good deeds but where are you now?...

To slander no one, not to listen to any slander it is also participating with that sin.
To truly love our neighbor is to watch themselves, we should live at peace to all men, even if they attack you, be NOT to have bitterness in them. Do not say anything to defend yourself. Let them have their slander and God will do the rest, "Live at peace in your heart" let God be your defender.

Be considerate to all and stand up for yourself be humble but be in control with humility.
If you receive any award always put the spot light to Jesus.

Change with true repentance, not doing the wrong things we used to do, be sincere with repentance.

It is not wise to live with temporary things of this word (Cor 9, Rom 2:4)

All that matters is your relationship with Lord God and not with your religion.

Remember not all that feels good is right.

We live for him, change from the inside it will finally work things out.

Surrender and repent to have the promise of eternal life.

Pastor's Message
Isaiah 29:13 inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths and honor Me with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, but have removed their hearts far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men.
=may we not give God "lip service" and say we love Him with our mouths, but deny Him by our actions.



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