"Be wise Not Foolish" from Samuel 25

Be wish Not Foolish Samuel 25

November 5, 2008: “Be Wise Not Foolish” Samuel 25

When I went to the midweek Bible study I was surprise to see all the Christmas decorations in our Calvary Chapel in Obrero. (^_^)

The teachings for that day was “Be Wise Not Fools”
For example it is fool to live for temporary things
And wisdom of this world is foolish to God but the wisdom of the Bible is eternal in short we should study the Bible and learn, so we can be wise to live for God.
Living to please God we are to find joy, peace and satisfaction in life.

Be wish Not Foolish Samuel 25How foolish are we to won something when everything belongs to God?
Being wise is to use the blessing for spiritual development
Learn to give wisely to others.

Quick to listen and slow to speak NOT to give in to anger, and not to give in to emotions. (nako ang hirap nitong gawain minsan)

It is wise to be humble than to be proud.

Overlook each other faults, don’t be guilty of having revenge.
Ask God for wisdom in decisions and choices we make.



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