"Be Teachable" from Titus 2:1-8

"Be Teachable" Titus 2:1-8

The words written here are my notes for November 2, 2008 Bible study.

As the title shows "Be Teachable" means teach ourselves in walk in God's grace. . . We know God's grace tru Bible example in reading Psalm 119:9

We must learn the basic salvation by grace. Learn to also give grace to others if they did you wrong. For if you can't give grace, do you deserve grace from God?

Wisdom is learned tru age as we grow old, anything in this world must be moderate we must be careful read 1 Peter 5:8

God must be #1 we must continue to be trained, be worthy of respect, honorable in character and elder people must be respected, read Lev 19:32.

Have self control, be in control of your self. Example are relationship we know is wrong i.e. lesbian and gay or the 1960 relationship.

Also bad hobbies, too much drinking that you satisfied yourselve for being drunk that just drinking moderately. Smoking which we all know is bad for health. . . Control yourself not be controled by these.

Justification. Be in love meaning by helping others with love but not expecting anything in return. We need to learn about Love.

Endurance. Hold to your faith. Don't give up.

Don't be shy if we have gray hair read Prov 16:31

Be modest, gentle, quiet in spirit not to slander meaning gossip, talk maliciously. Never share bad information even if it's true. Do not share negative information about someone or gossip a person nor accept or hear a bad information. If someone wants to share Say "I don't want to hear it".

Ladies look at what you wear if your not in business Do not advertise. Young men control your sexual desire, guard your eyes, do not put yourself in the situation where you fall into sexual immorality

Read Ep 4:29

Be careful on what words to use. Bad words and green jokes be careful.



  1. all these reminders are sometimes very hard to do because of the temptation from satan (Y_Y)


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