"Be Devoted to God/good" from Titus 3:8

Being in right/correct order is to Be Devoted to God for example if you were to drive a car the correct order is to start the car and drive but if you drive without starting the car you will not get anywhere it will not work…

“Be Devoted to Go(o)d” Titus 3:8
The right order would be God comes first all the time then good works will follow then we are save by grace not by good deeds.
God doesn’t bless us by doing good deeds but by what’s in our faith and character.
After receiving God’s grace we have the decision to make if we continually do good deeds like think about others, make an effort how we can channel the blessings to others.

Remember without God we wouldn’t have anything. Read Psalm 16:2
And John 15:5 => Genuine faith has evidence.

Believing and trusting in Christ.
It is more blessing to give than to receive. Allow God to use you to be a blessing with someone else. Allow yourself to be use by God.
Read 1 Corinthians 3:11
It shows whatever deeds we have is tested not taken for granted doing is building up one another. Avoid foolish controversy and genealogy.

True worshiping God is in the heart and not on any religion or any special day, never go down to argue on Christianity on how we are baptize either “In the name of the Father of the Son and Holy Spirit” or “In Jesus Name”. Read Titus 3:10.

Remember: If someone wants to know about Christ share them your knowledge but if they seem to quarrel or argue with your belief then be quiet, you have nothing to do with them, never argue.

Doing good work is other center, not self centered. (Do not talk about yourself all the time. Putting the spotlight to yourself.)

We all have gifts to share:

  1. Help in spiritually

  2. Give physical needs

  3. Showing love and encouragement

  4. Using spiritual gifts to others, read Ephesians 4:11

  5. Giving to others like prayers, time, encouragement, and more importantly giving forgiveness

Here is a slide show pictures that I took from Sunday Bible Study.

Pastor's Message
Luke 8:18 Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.
=the more we know the Bible the more responsible we are to put into practice.



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