"Don’t Drift Away" from Hebrews 2:1-4

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Pastor Ken told us the story about riding a boat or ferry, what we should always have are:

  1. A life jacket – incase of emergency we can stay float till the rescue comes

  2. Anchor on the Boat or Ferry – if ever the engines get damage at lease it can not drift away with an anchor.

To bare this in mind we should not neglect our relationship with God and live a righteous life, just like the boat Jesus is our anchor.

Another thing is no matter how strong our relationship with God, never think you’re strong enough trusting yourself that you will not be tempted, this is when the Devil will try to do everything to destroy your faith.

When the storm of life comes we hold on to the Lord, hold on to God’s faith because the longer we walk with the Lord, the more we say “I know all that line from the Bible. . . “ and I don’t need to go to the church to worship, and you will drift away little by little without our knowledge and you will start to neglect the word of God, neglect the Bible.

Sin is always around and it is something that we need to resist, be careful NOT to drift away.

Example of a good and bad callous:
A good callous is when you first learn to play the guitar, your fingers tips will be start to pain, then it will develop callous and time after time you keep on playing the guitar your finger tips will not feel any pain anymore, but when you stop playing the guitar for so many months and years the callous will fade little by little then your finger tips will pain again if you play.
And so it is also the same with the bad callous; when you keep on doing what is wrong your conscience and heart will not be guilty anymore the Holy spirit can not penetrate your “callous heart” you won’t hear the Holy spirit saying what is good. But if you stop doing wrong, avoid the sin, and learn the good habits; when you make a mistake you will feel bad about it in your heart and the Holy spirit will let you know what to do to make it right.

How close can you get to Lord God and not leave your salvation?

Everyday we make decision if we to continue to walk with God.

Just like marriage, at the wedding day the couple exchange their commitments and say “I do” to each other, but everyday both of them make a decision to remain faithful to each other if they let someone or something to destroy their marriage both of them are watchful and stay on guard to remain strong in their relationship.

Be watchful and be on guard with the sin.

God is the head of the Church we are the parts we need to stay attached, we need each other to help our self stay with the Lord. Do not neglect that area in your life and stay strong with the Lord.

It is easy to drift away to follow the current but it is difficult to swim against the stream.
Only a live fish can swim against the current, dead fish drift away with the flow.

Pastor's Message
Luke 23:3 Then Pilate asked Him saying, "are you the King of the Jews?" He answered him and said "it is as you say".
=Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. But it is our choice to make Him the King and Lord of our life. God will not force His Kingship on us but we must freely acknowledge Him as King of our life.



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