"Worship the Lord" from 2 Samuel 22

What do you want to do in heaven?
In heaven we are going to worship.
And so, the first thing we need to do is to worship the Lord as HE is our defender. When we sin against God, Jesus is our defender and our lawyer.

Jesus is our rock, fortress and deliverer... our shield guard and protector. We need to trust in Jesus. Sometimes we doubt, but we really need to trust in Him.

We need to meditate and think of God as He is available 24/7. He is more than everything we ever need. He is the God that will protect us.
Even in the midst of our trials God is our defender we need to call out for His name, the primary tool of our enemy is to condemn us and brain-wash our mind with the thought of “we are not good enough for God.” Example if anyone will gossip about you, you don’t need to defend yourself.

We don’t have to defend our self as God is our defender. The Lord is our support. We need to realize that God is our support and we can worship Him. People can’t defend for us, people will be use by God to pray for us but our number one support is God alone and we need to trust in God.

God will rescue us. Whenever we accept Jesus in our life, God is happy if we continue our relationship with the Lord. Worship Him for He is our guide. God will forgive our sins if we repent whole heartedly. If we are thinking we are a failure and sinner that will hinder you from worshiping the Lord. So just repent and change your ways. In order to live a blameless life, we need to allow Jesus as our guide in our life. We need to be willing to listen to His words, allow Him to change you and follow Him and take up our cross. We shouldn’t think that we control our self but allow Him to control you.

The labor in our Lord is not in vain

When your heart is full of thought of the Lord you sing praises for Him.

Part of the worshiping the Lord is we need to humble ourselves.
We need to follow Jesus, example of what Jesus routine was to get up early in the morning to worship God, willing to listen. That made Him very good in ministry. In our life the example is like a glove, do you think the glove can function without someone using it? We can be the boxing gloves and let Jesus use us to be able to win the fight. When we realize God words is true and accurate it will help us to worship Him and guide us.

God can arms us with strength and make our ways perfect. We need His words to fully develop our spiritual maturity and ourselves. Worship God for He is the source of our strength.

When you are conscious that we’re always at the presence of God then everywhere you go it will help you not take Him for granted. If we are in Christ no one will separate us from the Love of God. Whenever we are in the battle, God assured us we already won the fight; if only you abide in God. We need to continue our journey with Him.

Many people will call God, but Jesus said “away from me you evil fool.”

The enemy, Satan can’t harm us if we are in Christ. Abide in Christ and maintain the perseverance. Christ is the rock of our salvation and He is our foundation. If our foundation is not based in the Bible we will be defeated by the enemy. Exalt Him as your savior and rock.

We will praise to Jehovah - God, but we are not “Jehovah witnesses” but we’re all Christians who worship God (the meaning of Jehovah).
God is the source of our strength; that created the heaven and the Earth.

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