"There is great victory in the Lord" from 2 Samuel 23

There is great victory in the Lord, frog
What is the middle verse in the Bible?
Psalm 118:9 it is better take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

We need to rely in the Holy Spirit and be guided, being anointed by the Holy Spirit is asking by faith.
Psalm was 90% written by David, if he wasn’t anointed by the Holy Spirit he can’t write the book of Psalms.
Bible study is not just fact it is also important to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Apart from the world of God we will not grow if we do not listen to the Holy Spirit as our learning is not based on information only.
When you want to rule, first be ruled by God.
If we are dependent in the Holy Spirit - We can continue to endure.
What is the most difficult thing in life as Christian?
The most difficult thing in the world is to try to live the Christian life without the power of the Holy Spirit. We must continue to ask God for the Holy Spirit to guide us every day.

God is our strength. God can use broken people we all fall short but still God can use us if we let Him. We will gain great victory. We all need His strength, to fully rely on God.

We are fighting against not on physical but spiritual. We need prayers for one another.
Just be faithful on little things. Whatever talents you have if you are faithful God will use you in any big things. Even on our witnesses God can use us.

Proverbs 21:31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rest with the Lord

Acronym for FROG
To fully rely on Him God we need to be a man of worship. We need each other as Christians needs God – will provide for us

Garrison - a Station; a place where one stands, a military or fortified post

The meaning of names:

Abiezer - father of help
Abi-albon - father of strength
- strong unto death
Bethlehem - house of bread.
Benaiah - built up by Jehovah
Asahel - Made by God
Elhanan - the grace of God
Eliahba - whom God hides
Eliam - God's peace - father of Bathsheba
Elikah - rejected by God
Eliphelet - the God of deliverance
Helez - strength Ira, watchful of a city
Igal - whom God will avenge
Jonathan - the gift of Jehovah
Paari - opening of the Lord
Mebunnai - building of Jehovah
Naharai - snorter
Zalmon - Shady/under the trees
Maharai - impetuous, hasty, rash
Heled - milk
Ithai - with the Lord
Zelek - cleft, gap

Nice Christian Life Experiences,There is great victory in the Lord



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