"Keep your Promise" from 2 Samuel 21

A story shared by Pastor Patrick; during their Pastors' conference, there was a red headed missionary who was a soccer player and fanatic that he would watch soccer in different TV at the same time.
Then he was called by the Lord to serve Him for awhile, and so the misionary gave a promise to the Lord he will not play soccer for 1 year and avoid his addiction to it to serve God. And so he serve the Lord. But after awhile he receive a call from his friends that they need only one player so the game will not be void, he said he couldn't play but he can come just to support them, he went to the field, then quickly his friends changed his clothes to give him the position to play, but he remembered his promise to the Lord and so he just stood there at the side of the field and did not move.

Now the ball went in front of him and he thought "a little kick won't hurt" and so he kicked the ball and he didn't notice he was already playing, he was running in the field and about to kick the ball into the goal when all of the sudden there was a much bigger man that was running over the ball and hit his leg with a very strong kick from that big man and put him to be limp for the rest of his life. And so he realize he forgot his promise to the Lord not to play for 1 year.

People will always asks these questions; Why are there sorrow and pain in our Christian life?

For every pain and sorrow there are joy and healing. For everything we do and happen are part of the balance. And everything we do - there is a reactions. Breaking a rule -someone is going to pay for that, and so if you sin -someone is going to pay for your sin; someone will die and sacrifice. Think of it!

Do you know what the word atonement means?
If you look very closely to the words at-one-me(n)t = the words refer to making one met the other person.

Convenant is a promise. God always fulfill His promise. Let your "yes" be yes and your "no" be no.

When we do the right thing -God will also do the right thing with us.

If someone harm you, love them.
If someone kill one of your family, forgive them. Bad things may happen but if we put it all in God to work with us, everything will be fine.

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