"Discipline Yourself" from Hebrews 12

Even if we don't like to be discipline God will do so; discipline ourselves against sin to made new in attitude of our mind, as Christians we are runner of race, if you have excess baggage you won't be able to run fast, throw off excess baggage like sins to run fast.
There are two lines of sins:

1. Commission like lying, stealing etc..
2. Omission like laziness to pray etc..
Draw off the sins and get back to the Lord. Our problem is not time management but hunger management like "I don't have time to read the Bible and pray because I'm busy at work".
Devotion is when you pray and never cease thinking about the Lord. Let us run with perseverance => endurance.

Discipline yourself. In order to discipline ourselves we must fix our eyes to Jesus not on the things of this world. Don't get destructed, Jesus is our example.
Discipline ourselves to submit to God's word. Don't be discourage God loves us so much if He discipline us means He wants us to mature. To reflect and remember Jesus Christ we need God's word. Always give yourself to the word of the Lord.

Fellowship can help us grow. In every temptation we have (God who provides) a way out.

If we are being discourage means we don't want to eat God's word then we are sick spiritually.

Discipline means correction and train.

Pastor Message
Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

It is so important that we study and learn the Word of God, for it helps and guides us in every situation. And we know that Jesus is the Word. So let us fix our eyes on Him and learn more about Him.

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