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Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Seek God First" from 2 Samuel 4

Let me share a little about my life...

I was born physically normal, for some reason it started at the age of 5, I couldn't walk properly and my left foot keeps on hurting, I had a biopsy at Makati Medical Center the result were due to nerves abnormality...
To cut it short, I stopped school at the age of 11 that was grade-5 and it was around that age for the confirmation in Catholic, but I wasn't able to attend...

Ever since I stopped school "isolation" was my friend, always at home and suffering from health problems due to my left foot is getting worse and worse it affected my life sociability...
I was hopeless physically but never mentally, my dad encourage me to develop my intellectual capabilities, he taught me some computer troubleshooting and DOS programming language... and I read my brother school books... I have faith that someday, somehow I will finish my studies have a normal life...
but that time I was physically imprisoned, at home for 10 years continuously without any communication with my good old friends but only with the computer clients from my dad and my clients at the Church.
Learning computers and reading the Bible... In my teenage years around 15y/o I became atheist, maybe in my tender mind, reading the manuscript errors about the Bible in the Internet made me believe that God was made by human and not the other way around.
Finally, I gave up desperately loosing in the struggles of life... I felt like all my dreams was stranded... and hearing my childhood friends have graduated high-school made me think life is not worth while for me (I didn't even graduated elementary yet)...

I wasn't a lady until I was 17 y/o, (that's the reason why I still look physically young) then I discover having phone-pals and text mates with guys -coming in our house giving me flowers, fruits etc... and my dad was furious because I have so many male visitors from where he doesn't know...

Anyway, to make it short again... in my life experiences, it made me came back to believe that Jesus was the true savior...
I remember very well I didn't ate for a week didn't even drink any water for 5 days and I was giving up and prayed from my heart
"if there is really a God out there! will you rescue me?..."

I slept and dreamed that time, Jesus came out of the room, he hug me really tight and said "I love you"... I can never ever forget that dream...
...Jesus opened the door for me...
After a few days, there was a small party in our house, an Aunt who was a public elementary school teacher was also there... surprise to see me, and when she asked what was my course, I replied I didn't even finished elementary...
My Aunt arranged an opportunity for me to take PEPT acceleration test from Department of Education, and passed 3 exams (for 3 consecutive years) also means I'm finished with elementary and high-school... was given certifications (equivalent for Elementary and High School Diploma).
Then a cousin who was a doctor encourage me to use crutches... My dad said to let a Physical Therapy checked me up first... I first used the crutches March of 2003 in an instant I was starting tertiary school in June of 2003... and graduated a 4-years degree course in Computer April of 2007 (my dreams is finally coming true)... after two months of college graduation I was hired for work.

If you ask me now do I have any regrets? No I don't.
Before I used to hate the reason for my disabilities, (the more I hate, the more my life became desperate, but when I finally accepted the fact there was reasons why I became like so, this made me realize I was more lucky than other ladies.

"Seek God First"

What are our needs?: Air, Food, roof when it rains etc...
What are our Wants?... Wants are much more than our needs.

One thing we need to remember that the Earth is for temporary place and not our home, don't get to comfortable buying too much and thinking too much of the future. Think about our "Eternal" things, read 1 Peter 2:11-12.

Think that you are aliens of this Earth and we are just passing by, traveling by the things of the world. Everything we have physically will end up in trash...

...Health is Wealth?
is that the most important thing?

All the elements found in our body are found at the Earth. Don't spend too much too look impressive, spiritual is more important; Spiritual Health should be exercise. Don't pray to take away sickness physically but rather heal your spiritual health.

We need to seek God first even if we are healthy... pray daily seek God first to be delivered from temptations, not to give in the bitterness in our heart; i.e. revenge or terrible thoughts about your enemy.

Do it in Gods' way, if we always think we can make it without God and say "it can never happen to me" then you can fall easily to sin.

Seek God first seeking God first can let us be away from sin. Many people would say "Lord, Lord..." thinking they are doing God a favor but they were just thinking about themselves giving instructions to God.

Have compassion with your enemy. You can never do evil that good will come out of it.

God sees our heart knows our deepest thoughts. God will judge our motives. If you acknowledge God first, then all will be solve. God wants to be the first resort.

If you want to earn something from God then no reward will come.

Seek God first God loves you and can provide all our needs. There is always an opportunity to seek God first.

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