"Grow with the Lord" from 2 Samuel 3:1-38

A true Christian can never say we are grown enough no matter how long you have been studying the Bible, we may keep on stumbling and fall but we must continue to confess our sins and try not to do it all over again, continue to Grow with the Lord.

We should not wish to run over money but gain more spiritual blessings. Never think of yourself above others but only Jesus is above the rest.

If we want to know what God's will and plan, give up/surrender to the Lord put your trust in Jesus, walk by faith.

To grow with the Lord we must repent.
Repentance => required for spiritual growth and forgive to live at peace.

Right priority; Lord first sharing our faith with others.

If you don't evangelize, you fossilize.

If you can't love your neighbor that you do see, how can you love God that you don't see.

For evil to prevail all it takes is for righteous to be silent.

Look out for each other not yourself for God will watch over you. Defend other and God will defend you.



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