"Be Spiritually Mature" from Hebrews 5

How do we become spiritually mature?

This has been my question in my mind these days, and luckily our Sunday Bible study talks about the same topic in my mind. (^_^)

Here are my notes:

The priest would be appointed to access to God but Jesus is the only "high priest" => "our representative" to have direct fellowship with God and no other persons like priest or pastor to some people depends; to go to Church and did not depend on Jesus alone...

Never trust in your own for God's grace just realize your failing and be humble to God, we need to come to Jesus recognize him as our savior.

If you don't have a humble heart then there's NO repentance.

Don't doubt that you're child of God.

Doubt is the opposite of faith and believing.

If we want to mature spiritually go to the Son => Jesus, he is the way to God. Keep your eyes to God and he will bring good plans.

I was thinking for the past days when will the one persons whom I be with for the rest of my life comes... then all of the sudden Pastor's Ken example story...

Pastor Chuck Smith was waiting for the right lady to be his wife and all of the ladies in the service he would pray "which is which Lord is she the one?" then the Holy Spirit/voice would tell him that just dedicate your life to God and when the right time comes God will bring to you the right lady to be your wife. And so he just dedicate his life for worship and finally Mrs. Smith his wife did came to his life.
The moral lesson was to keep your eyes to God and he will bring good plans in your life.

Pray always.

Prayer is to let God know what he wants us to do NOT to let God know and what we want to do.
Submit to God and you will find the most satisfying happiness.

If you have a list of instructions from God; if we don't obey the step 1 God will never give you the step 2... Trust and Obey.

Everytime we open our Bible we need to pray to hear God's voice, to train us with God's words and be Spiritually Mature.

Even if you read the 66 Scriptures and thinking you are be Spiritually Mature enough you will never be mature enough. Because the God's word is constant and we must be always remembered to grow.

BIBLE => Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

If we don't have appetite for God's word then we are sick it could be bitterness in our heart. We must be healed to be be Spiritually Mature.

Pastor's Message
2 Kings 10:31 Yet Jehu was not careful to keep the law of the Lord, the God of Israel, with all his heart. He did not turn away from the shop of Jeroboam, which he had cause Israel to commit.
=God wants all of our heart and complete obedience. Don't hold anything back from the Lord give it all to Him.



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