"Sin is Deadly" from 1 Samuel 31

There was a story of a scorpion and the Dog...
the scorpion said to the dog "let's cross the lake will you swim and I be on your back" and the dog replied "what if you bite me in the middle of the lake?",
the scorpion said "no! I wouldn't do that because both of us will drown",
and so the dog agreed with the scorpion, but in the middle of the lake the scorpion bite the dog.
the dog asked "why did you bite me?" and the scorpion replied "its part of my nature", while the dog was about to drown the scorpion already jump to the land.

And so as the title shows "Sin is Deadly" from 1st Samuel 31;

In this chapter where Saul started to commit sin because of pride, disobedience from God, jealousy and anger.

If we always think we could fall into sins then we are on guard against sin.
The world would think "we can do anything as long as nobody gets hurt then its ok" but that can affect someone with out knowledge it affects everybody; sin breaks relationship.

Never think you're the only one gets affected; everyone can be affected it brings death to the soul, when you stumble into sin and you don't feel to do anything spiritual, and this is the time when we should pray.

Euthanasia in Switzerland => this is wrong God is the only one who can direct when we will die; we need to be as close to God not as far as we can.

Compromise is something we should be careful; example we are watchful of big sin but not on little things, little sins like small gossips, not returning what we borrow, etc...
Sin can take control; be careful what you feed in your mind, fill your mind with proper knowledge, as the saying in computer "Garbage IN Garbage OUT".

Sin is a thief just came in to steal and destroy, it is tasty and fun so avoid it and do Nothing with it.

Don't even get close to play on sin. Don't worry if other people will humiliate you for doing what is good, don't worry about your body, worry about your soul.

Don't worry about what other people will say but worry about what God will judge of you.

Example in one day:
you gossip about someone and you think lustful about someone that makes two sins a day... multiply by 365 days in a year, multiply by the number on your age, so how many sins you have in a life time?
But if someone did you wrong, they gossip about you or slander your name sometimes you don't forgive, how can God forgive you too?
God can forgive from all of our sins if we have true repentance.

True repentance is something you don't do the same sin all over again. Hate sin. Don't let it play in your body, heart and mind.

As human beings we commit sin, if you sin repent quickly.

Read 2 Corithians 7:10, Proverbs 20:7, Galatians 5:16

Walk in the spirit always pray to God.



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