"Forgive in Love" from Philemon

Remember how Jesus went to so much suffering but he said “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they have done”

“Forgive in Love” Philemon

We have to see the need to forgive even if they have gossip about you or borrowed money didn’t pay. . .
In forgiveness we are family of God; sometimes you treat strangers better than your family taken for granted when they have done mistake.
And you don’t forgive. Forgiveness is unconditional we have to forgive and forget.

We have to remember in family of God we need to pray and look out for one another. We are not competing but helping one another, we need to forgive not revenge.

Grace in peace means subject of forgiveness as God gives grace in us.

If someone hurt you, remember grace of God as you don’t deserve it but he gave it to you. Live at peace at all men; we need forgiveness in family of God specially in your immediate family.

In sickness Jesus said “you are forgiven” in order to heal, so if you can’t forgive neither does your sickness be healed.

In our Lord’s prayer “forgive us as we forgive them. . . “ how can you be forgiven by God if you can’t forgive others?

Pray for your enemies for them to think of others and not only for themselves “just help them grow in their faith” not only to receive in forgiveness but to give forgiveness.

All of us has a master possession in life it could be “sin or the Lord” it may bring despair or luck.

Onesimus= means profitable one (Philemon 8)
For someone in your life to be use you need to forgive without expecting anything in return.

Forgiveness is from a willing heart.
Forgiveness is need to be received and given.
Just continue to show kindness show something above and beyond.

Unless we forgive others God will forgive you. We don’t deserve to go to heaven unless we are forgiven.

On how you forgive that is how God will forgive you.

Epahras means lovely (Philemon 23)

Think about it:
Have they spit on your face?
Have they pierce your hand and feet?
Have they crucify you?

Remember Jesus he forgave all of them.

Pastor's Message
Luke 12:5 But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes I say to you, fear Him!
=People today have no fear of God in thier hearts. They continue in sin and don't think about God's judgment or consequences to thier actions. We need to respect, honor, and fear God.



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