"Be Used By God" from Acts 4:13-22

The book of Luke and Acts are written by Luke. And he is used by God as well as all the other disciples. So if you're used by God, don't think of your background. But willingly used by Him to serve Him.

1st pt. in verse 13-17, We have to be courageous and 2nd pt. in verse 18-22, God is our strength and help. Peter and John are courageous to be used by God, and they proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah.

Every word in the Bible will surely happen. Don't hesitate if you have no degree, because just like the disciples they were fisherman's but now became apostles proclaiming the good news to the people.

The key to be used by God, is to really spend time with Jesus. Meaning to spend time with His word and that's the secret. The Bible said, God choose the foolish to shame the wise and choose the weak to sham the strong.

When it comes to being used by God, do not boast what you did. Christians like Jesus, needs His mind not your own mind. Absorb Jesus nature of what His life when He was still living in this world.

This word "with" is so important to know, it denotes union, together, companionship, likeness or etc. You have to have conviction in your heart, cause if doesn't - all your ministry will be ruined. Sanhedrin, they are the administrator or councilor in Jerusalem.

Why are the people in this chapter were disturb in the preaching of the disciple?
Besides it is against their teaching, it is Satan's attack to them. But we see here the disciples didn't stop. If there are people who doesn't like you, pray for them.

Whatever you have in your life, at work, in school, everywhere, anywhere, or whatever you are doing, put God in it and preach the gospel to others. The age of the man show to us in the last verse here miraculously healed, a miracle from God. Allow Him to teach and guide you. We need to learn His word.

Nice Christian Life Experiences ~~~


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