"He Will Meet Your Needs" from Acts 3:1-10

Prayer is important. According to the word of God in the book of Daniel - Daniel prayed 3-times a day 9:00am, 3:00pm and 6:00pm

We can pray on any languages - God does not require us to pray one language.

Luke 24:53 (NIV)
53 And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God.

Everyday the apostle continue to meet together in prayer. Temple is the place were we can together worship God and praise Him.

Paul emphasizes to use our body as Holy and pleasing to God. To worship the Lord and study God's words. God will meet our deepest needs.

Psalm 55:17 (NIV)
17 Evening, morning and noon
I cry out in distress,
and he hears my voice.

In spiritual sense we are crippled by our sins and beggars from God's saving grace. God's mercy never ends. If you don't acknowledge God, you will become crippled and will never be satisfied. Nobody can be satisfied with worldly things because even if you can have all the material things of this world but it will never satisfied you.

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