"Thou Shall Not Fear" from 2 Chronicles 20

What is fear?
It is an emotion of alarm cause by expectation of danger. Most people will run and hide from the object of fear - which is the negative sign or reaction of fear.
The positive sign is to manage your reaction because if you fail to manage fear it can loose your opportunity.

Fear is also God's way for you to remember Him. Managing your fear will help you remember there is one who is ALL POWERFUL GOD that can help you in all kinds of fear.

2 Chronicles 20:4 - they all seek the Lord, if you can imagine if all of us will come and seek the Lord?
Big miracle can happen.
Just like as the Lord taught us to pray in Matthew 6.

There are many messages in the Bible that says when you pray to Lord Jesus Christ thier prayers was answered.
Anyone who is not with God is against God

What is faith?
Confident with assurance that God is there for you who will provide, love and protect.
That is why it is important that we have the relationship with God.

We should always remember that our prayer is not "what your will be done" and asking God to do what you want to be done. Remember that it is the God's will be done.

God will not give you problem you can not bear. So, let your fear be the instrument to worship God.

Repent - is to change your perspective.

Trust in the Lord.

Speaker: Ptr. Milpito Damayo

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