"Forget Him Not" from 2 Chronicles 12

We need to put Christ in the center of our heart - Keep it in the inner core of our heart.
The Bible is our manual to our relationship with God.


We should not treat the Bible as text book or study it just for intellect.
What are signs that the believers neglect God's word?

  1. Because of the increase in wickedness, the love for the Lord grow cold.
  2. Lack of respect to God.
  3. They believe the deception of Satan.
  4. They are now "Lukewarm".

Transgression - transgress means to cross the line. Transgression - you know its wrong but you still do it.
Abandonment of God's Law is the sign of spiritual immaturity. Our enemy is not our friend never forget that Satan is our enemy.

We will have consequences in our sins but God will reward the Humble.

God desires is our whole hearted devotion and full commitment and we will never ever forget God. Give yourself to the works of God.

We must run in full concentration that will help us to never forget God. Set our hearts on things above and not of this world. And our concentration is on Christ Jesus.
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