"Be Sincere In Truth" from 1 Chronicles 13

Search your Heart and do the Truth.

The symbolic of the ark of the covenant is the presence of God.

To be sincere in truth always include God in our plan and call on Him. And if we neglect the Bible and the fellowship it will also cause us to neglect God.

Why did Uzzah die?

The commandment of God is not to touch the Ark. And on Numbers 4:14-15 said that if you are not Levite never touch it. Also in Exodus 37:5 - the ark should be carried with poles.

Even if we are too busy with the worldly things we should not forget God. Remember Martha and Mary though Martha chose what is right Mary chose the best.

The word respect to God is to submit to Him.

Obedience comes blessings. We need to be obedient to God.

Let's seek the Lord and find out how we need to do it. God will show you the right steps.
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