"God is Concern To You" from 1 Chronicles 8

The more we have the knowledge of this world the more we tend to boast. But God will use the broken people. The point is when you surrender wholly to God, He will use you.

First, we need to have the right relationship with God.

Read the Bible and pray everyday.
We are redeem only by the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is never about religion, we are saved only thru faith with Jesus Christ, not even Calvary Chapel can save you.

We need to be hungry not on what the world brings but what the heavenly things brings.

Our body is the temple of God. So if you abuse it you're not worshipping God properly.

Sin - is when you missed the mark.

God is concern to us in a sense He gave us the Power.
Whoever get the power - gets the glory.

Bible Names Meaning

  • Benjamin - son of the right hand
  • Bela - damage or ruin
  • Naaman - pleasantness
  • Ahihud - union or brother and friend
  • Uzza - strength

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