"Life of the Christian is a Battle Ground" from 1 Chronicles 7

Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary: Completely Revised and Updated EditionThe word of God emphasize the battle of Israel on this chapter. The reason they were defeated because they counted the numbers their trops and God was upset as He doesn't want the Israelites to trust in numbers. God want us to trust in Him only.

With a little God can do a lot. He chooses the weak to lead the strong. The power doesn't come from us but from God.

God wants us to trust in Him completely. The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom. The fool will say "I don't need the wisdom of God I have my own wisdom".
Our trust is in the Lord.

God wants us to surrender to Him whole heartedly. Trauma and problem in the past is like a time bomb if you don't give it to Jesus completely. The enemy will always come after us, that it is important to cast it all out to Jesus.
Remember that we are capable of doing anything if we depend to God.

  • Make sure that the word of God move you in order to move someone else. Allow God to speak to you. Do not depend on your own wisdom.
  • Greater is he who is in you than He who is in the world.
  • The best miracle that happened is our salvation. Yet we forgot it all the time.
  • When we are mourning God can use people to comfort us.
  • Use God's word to comfort people.
  • Satan can destruct us with our emotions. Be careful about what you feel.

Bible Names Meaning

  • Abiezer - Father of health.
  • Issachar - Son of Jacob; means reward; recompense.
  • Uzzi - means strong
  • Ephraim - Fruitful in life of affliction
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