"Remember Jesus" from Mark 15

Good Friday communion

When you forget the past you repeat the same mistakes, history repeat itself. And so never forget the past we must remember and never take it for granted. Jesus went to the cross because He love us.

Jesus says "I'm the truth, the way, the life, no one comes to to God except through me"

Remember the Good Friday how Jesus died for our sins in Golgotha = place of skull or Calvary. Never forget the sacrifices Jesus made for us.
Third hour from six in the morning is 12:00 of noon time where Jesus was crucified and the sky was total darkness up to three in the afternoon where Jesus died on the cross.

We all rebel and broken God's words don't compare other person to others like "she/he is not as bad as him/her"

Humble ourselves at the cross, turn our back from sin and believe in faith of Jesus. You can't be save by knowing the facts; there's difference between Heaven and Hell. If you sincerely say "Lord forgive me" that's where you are saved. We don't make habitual sins thinking it's okay, practice of repentance and knowing God in your head and in your heart.

We are not saved by good works or deeds but by faith in God.

Nice Christian Life Experiences, Remember Jesus from Mark 15



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